Learning about wine - A Journey of a lifetime
Sommelier Tips
As the years go by, I am continually reminded that the more I learn about wine, the regions, the history, and styles, the more there is to know. It’s a fascinating passion for many. Not only does it add to our enjoyment and understanding of win...
celebrity wines
Wine Trends

Are celebrity wines serious endeavors or merely cynical branding? The answer is both, and there are ...

how to throw a wine party
Sommelier Tips

Whether it was inspired from a memorable wine weekend getaway, discovering a new bottle at home with your honey, or the recent Zoom wine tasting you watched, there comes a time when you want to put your creative juices to work, invite over a few clos...

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drinking window for wine
Sommelier Tips

The question of the drinking window can be a minefield for a variety of reasons. Our tastes in wine are subjective and one person’s ready for drinking might be another’s over the hill.

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We’re welcoming World’s Best Sommelier Arvid Rosengren to the Vintec family – a new recruit as wine expert and ambassador. And for the record, he’s not impressed with long-winded wine lists.

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You are locked in your house? You want to taste wine with friends or your wine club? Don’t let Covid-19 stop you. Just like people are starting to take “happy hour” online, we can use technology to host virtual wine tastings, gettin...

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Most wine lists leave you spoilt for choice but they can be overwhelming – ever get that feeling? Then it’s time to make a new BFF in the sommelier.

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Seasonal wine drinking is all about pairing up a wine with the time of year, and choosing a wine that’s going to compliment all of the aromas, flavors and foods that are typically associated with the particular season you’re in.

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Temperature and expectation play a big part in how we enjoy everything from our vacations to our meals, and yes, to our wines.

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Four wines ideal for cooking
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4 Wines Ideal for Cooking

Vintec Club Concierge Vintec Club Concierge

If you love drinking wine, chances are you probably also enjoy great food. Try these four wines that are ideal for cooking if you're unsure what to use for various dishes.

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With an increasing, technological advancments in wine, it's often presumed that 'corked wine' - that is, the tainting of the aroma and taste of a vintage to undesirable levels is a thing of the past.

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