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What is the Vintec Club?

The Vintec Club is a private club for owners of Vintec wine cellars, offering exclusive benefits around wine. It's also a broader community for all wine lovers who enjoy learning and connecting with other like-minded wine lovers. Joining the club as a 'Guest' is free. To become a 'Member', you need to own and register a Vintec wine cellar.

Latest Articles & News


The ‘New’ Brunello 

Michaela Morris Michaela Morris
Despite its classic stature and ties with tradition, Brunello is meeting the challenges of a brave new world thanks to a dynamic mix of the region’s diverse producers.


07 January 2022
barbera nizza

Barbera Uprising

Michaela Morris Michaela Morris
Barbera has risen above its workhorse reputation and is now making some of Italy’s most delightfully drinkable, food-friendly and affordable...
24 December 2021
israel kosher winery

Travels and a Taste of Israel

Jean-Marie Simart Jean-Marie Simart
The only Middle Eastern country to produce wines professionally and commercially, the production of wine in Israel goes back to...
17 December 2021

Private Tastings

The Vintec Club Private Tastings are unique wine and food experiences in the company of celebrated winemakers from around the world. Organized in special locations with welcoming and family-like atmospheres, they are a wonderful opportunity learn more about wine, discover new wines and meet like-minded wine lovers.

July 29, 2021
  • Members Only
  • Private Tasting
Dear Vintec Club Members, More than a year after the initial date, the Vintec Club is today thrilled with...
June 9, 2021
  • Members Only
  • Private Tasting
A year after our last dinner in NZ with Helen Masters from Ata Rangi and a year during...
December 2, 2020
  • Members Only
  • Private Tasting
For the last @Home Tasting of the year, we are honoured to welcome a very special guest. We...

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The Vintec Club website is also an international wine community, for all wine lovers and collectors. If you enjoy learning more about wine and connecting with like-minded wine lovers, we would love for you to join the club and share with us your passion for wine.






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