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OENO by Vintec

OENO by Vintec is your virtual cellar management app and personal sommelier developed by Vintec and powered by Vivino. With OENO, wine lovers can effortlessly keep track of which wines they have, where they are located in their cellar(s) and know how to enjoy them at their best - with expert recommendations on when to open bottles, serving temperatures, decanting.

A Unique Cellar Management App

What makes OENO unique as a cellar management tool, is that it is powered by Vivino label recognition AI, so users don’t need to manually enter all information about their wines to log them. By partnering with Vivino, the world’s largest wine label database, OENO allows users to simply snap a photo of a wine bottle label to automatically identify and retrieve all information about their wine – including grape varietals, regional style, winery, vintage, tasting notes, Vivino ratings and more.


Expert Information To Guide Your Journey

Along with a team of international sommeliers, Vintec has also developed expert recommendations on over 300 different wine regional styles and varietals, to help you enjoy your wines at their best: suggested serving temperatures, recommended aging potential/drinking windows and aeration, as well as tips on the best glassware to use.


Available for download now:

Frequently Asked Questions

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