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Vintec Club

The private club for owners of Vintec cellars and open community for wine lovers.

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What is the Vintec Club?

The Vintec Club is a private club for owners of Vintec wine cellars, offering exclusive benefits around wine. It's also a broader community for all wine lovers who enjoy learning and connecting with other like-minded wine lovers. Joining the club as a 'Guest' is free. To become a 'Member', you need to own and register a Vintec wine cellar.

Latest Articles & News

Wine aging International Wine club

Aging With Grace

Erica Landin-Löfving Erica Landin-Löfving
Wine aging is, at first sight, decently easy with big rewards. Buy a bottle, forget about it for a year or five, and get a completely new wine to drink. Some cheapish bottles can turn into memorable sensory experiences with age and the great wines require it to reach their full potential. Some wines only make it a couple of years before they are better suited for cleaning the toilet bowl. 


23 April 2021
What’s cool in Australian wine right now?

What Is Cool In Australian Wine Right Now

Richard Hemming, MW Richard Hemming, MW
Beyond oaky Chardonnay and fruit-bomb Shiraz, Australia is making a huge array of super-trendy wine styles, often from the most...
15 April 2021
Austria vineyard Blaufränkisch wine

Blaufränkisch: The Red Gold Of Austria Changes Its Tune

Erica Landin-Löfving Erica Landin-Löfving
“It smells like Romanée-Conti!” exclaimed one of Sweden’s premier sommeliers in surprise, finding a Blaufränkisch from Spitzerberg in his glass....
09 April 2021

Private Tastings

The Vintec Club Private Tastings are unique wine and food experiences in the company of celebrated winemakers from around the world. Organized in special locations with welcoming and family-like atmospheres, they are a wonderful opportunity learn more about wine, discover new wines and meet like-minded wine lovers.