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What is the Vintec Club?

The Vintec Club & Community is for all wine lovers who enjoy learning and connecting with like-minded people. We offer two types of memberships. Our Community membership is free, simply join as a "Guest." Our club membership is reserved for owners of Vintec wine cellars, offering up exclusive wine benefits and unique experiences.

Latest Articles & News

Shiraz Beyond Barossa

Peter Bourne Peter Bourne
Barossa and Shiraz are synonymous in the mind of avid winelovers around the vinous globe. However, there are many other compelling interpretations of Shiraz from across Australia’s diverse viticultural landscape. Let’s take a snapshot of Australia’s best Shiraz.  


12 August 2022

German Wines: Evolution and What to Keep Our Eyes on 

Anthony Rose Anthony Rose
’The only way to understand German wine’, says Anne Krebiehl in her book on the Wines of Germany, ‘is in...
27 July 2022

Sake Pairing Principles

Anthony Rose Anthony Rose
In the previous article on sake, we have covered serving principles such as the right sakeware, drinking and storing temperatures...
05 July 2022

Private Tastings

The Vintec Club Private Tastings are unique wine and food experiences in the company of celebrated winemakers from around the world. Organized in special locations with welcoming and family-like atmospheres, they are a wonderful opportunity learn more about wine, discover new wines and meet like-minded wine lovers.

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The Vintec Club website is also an international wine community, for all wine lovers and collectors. If you enjoy learning more about wine and connecting with like-minded wine lovers, we would love for you to join the club and share with us your passion for wine.






Private Tastings
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