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‘My Vintec’ is a Member-only personalised wine program. Each month Vintec Club members are emailed helpful information, tips and VIP offers to enhance their understanding of Collecting, Cellaring and Serving wine and ultimately, making the best use of their Vintec wine cabinet.

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Discover your wine lover profile
Wine Lover Profiles
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Wine love profile

As an enjoyer, you love to entertain, sharing your love of good food and good wine with family and friends. You enjoy wine when socialising and see it as a must-have when entertaining. You tend to stick to what you know when it comes to wine but have an interest in broadening your understanding and appreciation.


As a wine enthusiast, you are passionate about wine and are reasonably knowledgeable, but not quite yet a connoisseur. You want to learn more about wine, and love sharing your wine passion with friends and like-minded wine lovers. Wine is a hobby for you, and you are an adventurous wine lover.

Wine Lover Profiles

As a connoisseur, you have had an ongoing romance with wine for many years. You have a strong knowledge of wine and an extensive international collection. You collect for your love of wine, rather than for a trophy collection and seek the best quality and authenticity. You are very cultured, well-read and well-travelled. Wine is first and foremost a passion for you.

Wine Lover Profiles

As a sommelier, you are very knowledgeable about wine and understand the importance of storing and serving wines in the right conditions so you and your customers can have the perfect experience. You seek a reliable, durable and convenient solution for storing, serving and often, showcasing wines. Wine is more than just a trade for you, it’s a calling.

What you’ll receive each month

Personalised advice to best use your Vintec cabinet

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Cellaring Tips

We’ll share with you cellaring tips to protect your treasured collection

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Collecting Guide

We'll help you build your wine collection with recommendations and offers curated by our team of experts

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Serving & Food Pairing Guide

We’ll provide serving and food pairing tips for you to become an entertaining pro

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Cellar Care img 1
Cellar Care

We'll help you make the most of your Vintec cabinet and take good care of it

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Member-Only Invitations

You'll have exclusive access to Member-only events in your area

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Discover your wine lover profile
Discover your wine lover profile