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Wine Regions
Italy’s hilly terrain is intrinsically linked with the character of its wines. High altitude vineyards are found from the top to toe of the boot, providing some relief from the heat - particularly in the wake of climate change.
Wine Trends

The Joy of Fizz

Anthony Rose Anthony Rose

The legendary wine writer and bon viveur, Steven Spurrier, who died in 2021, said that you needed th...

Wine Trends

I’m writing this article on the 17th of November, the 3rd Thursday in the month. It’s a significant day for, from 12.01am, a million cases of the freshly bottled 2022 Beaujolais Nouveau were released across 110 countries – including...

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Wine Trends

Barossa and Shiraz are synonymous in the mind of avid winelovers around the vinous globe. However, there are many other compelling interpretations of Shiraz from across Australia’s diverse viticultural landscape. Let’s take a snapshot of ...

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Wine Trends

Australian winegrowers are innovative, adaptive and resilient. The climatic challenges of drought, bushfires and floods are ongoing. Balancing domestic and international demand remains a logistical challenge with the shifting sands of consumer prefer...

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Skin Contact White Wines
Wine Trends

Skin contact white wines are a classic case of ‘everything old is new again’. Made in ancient amphora or modern-day ceramic eggs, flavor is the key to the best skin contact whites with sustainably a bonus.

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Australian Nebbiolo
Wine Trends

The Piedmontese twins of Barolo and Barbaresco are hot property across the vinous globe, shining the light of the mandatory grape of both wines, Nebbiolo. While Nebbiolo’s origins can be traced back to the 14th century, it’s a new grape t...

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jancis robinson interview
Wine Trends

The Wine That Moves You

Michael Wreyford Michael Wreyford

Michael has a sip and a chat with the famous Journalist and Wine Writer Jancis Robinson, MW. One of the most recognized and respected voices in the world of wine.

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celebrity wines
Wine Trends

Are celebrity wines serious endeavors or merely cynical branding? The answer is both, and there are no shortage of examples to choose from. These days, it’s quicker to say which celebrities aren’t making wine. There are hundreds of celebr...

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Spain’s Journey of Rediscovery
Wine Trends

There are many myths about Spain: the rain doesn’t fall mainly on the plain, paella is not the national dish and when it comes to the Spanish climate, it’s not all scorchio. Yes, the costas are waiting for northern Europeans to arrive eac...

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 The Penfolds Californian Collection 2021
Wine Trends

Penfolds is arguably Australia’s most visible wine brand. The single word Penfolds with its cursive script and blood red lettering is instantly recognizable. So much so, that in burgeoning Chinese market, the Penfolds brand has been extensively...

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