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Wine Regions
Italy’s hilly terrain is intrinsically linked with the character of its wines. High altitude vineyards are found from the top to toe of the boot, providing some relief from the heat - particularly in the wake of climate change.
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The Joy of Fizz

Anthony Rose Anthony Rose

The legendary wine writer and bon viveur, Steven Spurrier, who died in 2021, said that you needed th...

Wine Regions

The state of Oregon, the fourth-largest producer of quality wine in the United States, has long been known for its prestigious Pinot Noir production, but in recent years, its efforts in Chardonnay have shifted the region into solid ground - and reput...

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Wine Regions

In 2004, the film adaptation of a little-known novel called Sideways made a splash that soaked the globe in California Pinot Noir. Critics raised their glasses, and drinkers and developers alike flocked to the film’s setting of Santa Barbara Co...

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Wine Regions

Times are changing in this cool (but warming) climate region with a renewed focus on the red varieties of Bordeaux, Shiraz and even Nebbiolo, while the sourcing of the mainstay grapes, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir is on the move to higher (and cooler) s...

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Wine Regions

Neither a region nor a grape variety, Amarone is a unique style of wine specific to Valpolicella. But it isn’t the only wine produced here - and its cohorts are equally worth exploring.

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Wine Regions

Prosecco’s reputation as an unpretentious, everyday drinking sparkler is firmly established. The question is - are there more serious versions? And furthermore, can these age?

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Wine Regions

’The only way to understand German wine’, says Anne Krebiehl in her book on the Wines of Germany, ‘is in the context of its history, taking Riesling, ripeness, climate, tradition and site classification into consideration'.

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Wine Regions

2022 marks the 10th year anniversary of our beloved Vintec Club. This year, we are going to celebrate it in style! We have created a once-in-a-life-time experience for our members in Burgundy, France. Our Vintec Club Manager ANZ- Alexis Desbrugeres i...

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Wine Regions

Despite its classic stature and ties with tradition, Brunello is meeting the challenges of a brave new world thanks to a dynamic mix of the region’s diverse producers.

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barbera nizza
Wine Regions

Barbera Uprising

Michaela Morris Michaela Morris

Barbera has risen above its workhorse reputation and is now making some of Italy’s most delightfully drinkable, food-friendly and affordable gems. Italians typically drink beer with pizza but as a monogamous wine drinker, I tend to reach for a ...

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