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Wine Regions
Italy’s hilly terrain is intrinsically linked with the character of its wines. High altitude vineyards are found from the top to toe of the boot, providing some relief from the heat - particularly in the wake of climate change.
Wine Trends

The Joy of Fizz

Anthony Rose Anthony Rose

The legendary wine writer and bon viveur, Steven Spurrier, who died in 2021, said that you needed th...

Collecting and Aging

Throughout the year, new releases from Italy’s various denominations are trotted out. When should you open them? From Veneto to Piedmont and into Tuscany, here is an ageing guide for Italian wines that have hit shelves in 2022.

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Collecting and Aging

Italy’s best-known and most beloved wine may very well be Prosecco, but this prolific country offers a vast world of diverse and delightful sparklers beyond.

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 Italian Wine Cellar
Collecting and Aging

France has long been revered for cellaring classics. Yet as prices for Bordeaux and Burgundy soar, aficionados are looking beyond these benchmarks and Italian wines are ripe for the picking. Italy isn’t new to savvy collectors. The country brag...

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Collecting and Aging

Along with the release of Langton's Summer Reds 6-pack, Langton's Head of International Buying, Jesper Kjaersgaard, shares with Vintec Club Members insights about lighter reds and tips to drink them for an enjoyable summer.

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Collecting and Aging

To sake drinkers, vintage sake is something out of the ordinary, possibly even extraordinary. Why? Quite simply because, unlike wine, vintage sake is the exception that proves the rule.

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wine auction, wine cellaring
Collecting and Aging

To Buy Or Not To Buy, that is the question, as Hamlet nearly said. And the answer? Wine auctions are essentially trading hubs offering wines for sale ostensibly at market prices.

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Collecting and Aging

To age or not to age Amarone? The answer is as complex as the finest Amarone themselves. Ultimately it comes down to quality and how you like to drink your wine.

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Collecting and Aging

Is it worth aging white wines and, if so, what should you put in your cellar?

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Collecting and Aging

“Age cannot wither her,” says the narrator Enobarbus in Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra. He could just as easily have been talking about the longevity of fine wine as Antony’s infatuation.

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