Best Wine Glasses For Your Wine

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Wine service has come a long way since the days of Paris goblets, Duralax tumblers and old Vegemite jars.

There is an astonishing choice of glassware with decent, everyday glasses at bargain prices alongside serious players such as Spiegelau, Zerrutti and the top marque, Riedel.

Riedel offer an extensive range of glassware - each specifically designed to go with different grape varieties and wine styles.

Are they worth the effort? We think so – after all, what’s the point of cellaring a fabulous pinot noir for a decade and then serving it in an inferior glass.

Mind you, as much as we love the Riedel Grand Cru Burgundy glasses, they’re not for everyday use. The Vinum Chianti Classico is an excellent daily glass – and they happily go through the dishwasher.

Classic and antique glassware

Old glassware can be fun too and you can pick them up in the oddest places from street markets to small antique shops. They’re mostly individual examples giving guests the opportunity to choose their own glass.

Try classic Victorian flutes for Champagne. Although they don’t have a generous bowl, they look wonderful, they feel ‘real’ and add a sense of gravitas to the Champagne and the occasion.

The same goes for the austere beauty of glassware from the Georgian period - sure they’re not delicate (like most modern glassware) but they’re still refined and elegant, adding a sense of occasion to a simple mid-week meal.