Learning about wine - A Journey of a lifetime
Sommelier Tips
As the years go by, I am continually reminded that the more I learn about wine, the regions, the history, and styles, the more there is to know. It’s a fascinating passion for many. Not only does it add to our enjoyment and understanding of win...
celebrity wines
Wine Trends

Are celebrity wines serious endeavors or merely cynical branding? The answer is both, and there are ...

Spain’s Journey of Rediscovery
Wine Trends

There are many myths about Spain: the rain doesn’t fall mainly on the plain, paella is not the national dish and when it comes to the Spanish climate, it’s not all scorchio. Yes, the costas are waiting for northern Europeans to arrive eac...

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 The Penfolds Californian Collection 2021
Wine Trends

Penfolds is arguably Australia’s most visible wine brand. The single word Penfolds with its cursive script and blood red lettering is instantly recognizable. So much so, that in burgeoning Chinese market, the Penfolds brand has been extensively...

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Saumur castle and vineyards in the Loire Valley, France.
Wine Trends

Champagne is still the undisputed heavyweight champion of the sparkling wine world ... isn’t it? With many regions now producing examples that regularly outrank the best champagnes in blind tastings, there are definitely challengers for the cro...

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What’s cool in Australian wine right now?
Wine Trends

Beyond oaky Chardonnay and fruit-bomb Shiraz, Australia is making a huge array of super-trendy wine styles, often from the most unexpected sources. Here’s a guide to what’s cool Down Under – including some recommendations for what t...

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Austria vineyard Blaufränkisch wine
Wine Trends

“It smells like Romanée-Conti!” exclaimed one of Sweden’s premier sommeliers in surprise, finding a Blaufränkisch from Spitzerberg in his glass. A better sign that Austria’s top producers have left behind the over-...

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Wine Trends

There are many bargains to be found beyond the usual suspects.

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Wine Trends

Farmers' Fizz

Erica Landin-Löfving Erica Landin-Löfving

Are you curious about one of the biggest trends in champagnes in recent years? Then look no further than the fine print on your bottle’s label! Two little letters, RM, at the beginning of the producer identification number of a champagne bottle...

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Wine Trends

How to find the smartest red wine buys outside the classic European regions.

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Wine Trends

Social media continues to be a hotbed for the latest news for almost every topic you can think of, and the food and beverage world is no different. Indeed, the rise of the foodie influencer has made people more aware of all the cuisines the world has...

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