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Wine Regions
Italy’s hilly terrain is intrinsically linked with the character of its wines. High altitude vineyards are found from the top to toe of the boot, providing some relief from the heat - particularly in the wake of climate change.
Wine Trends

The Joy of Fizz

Anthony Rose Anthony Rose

The legendary wine writer and bon viveur, Steven Spurrier, who died in 2021, said that you needed th...

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Italy’s vast gastronomic wealth warrants celebrating with a lively dinner party. But where do you begin? From the aperitivo through to the digestivo, options for wines and their perfect pairings abound.

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In the previous article on sake, we have covered serving principles such as the right sakeware, drinking and storing temperatures for different types of sake. This continuation invites you to explore the art of sake pairing with the cuisines outside ...

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The world is reopening and, as a result, we'll soon find ourselves revisiting old friends, seeking new places and “re-imagined” events. So, when it’s your time to “bring it” … what will you bring?

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Sake: Service Please!
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Sake serving guiding principles: The right sakeware, drinking and storing temperatures for the different styles of Sake.

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 Serving & Collecting Series with World’s Best Sommelier, Arvid Rosengren.
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In this exclusive series of short videos produced by the Vintec Club, Arvid Rosengren, ASI World’s Best Sommelier 2016 and Vintec Global Ambassador, gives his top tips & tricks for serving wines with perfection, and planning and starting a ...

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Tips For Creative Wine Tastings
Sommelier Tips

Bored by the standard wine tasting format? Here are some tips to jazz up your enjoyment of wine and provide your guests with a night to remember. These days, wine tasting is a fully fledged leisure activity, from touring wine regions around the world...

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What’s corked wine?
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What’s corked wine?

Richard Hemming, MW Richard Hemming, MW

Widely discussed but often misunderstood, cork taint is a single, specific wine fault. Here’s how to identify corked wine – and what you can do about it. Without realizing it, you have probably tasted corked wine. You might have eaten cor...

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Learning about wine - A Journey of a lifetime
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As the years go by, I am continually reminded that the more I learn about wine, the regions, the history, and styles, the more there is to know. It’s a fascinating passion for many. Not only does it add to our enjoyment and understanding of win...

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how to throw a wine party
Sommelier Tips

Whether it was inspired from a memorable wine weekend getaway, discovering a new bottle at home with your honey, or the recent Zoom wine tasting you watched, there comes a time when you want to put your creative juices to work, invite over a few clos...

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