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Sommelier Influencers You Should Be Following On Social Media  

Jolie Bokerr Jolie Bokerr
Social media continues to be a hotbed for the latest news for almost every topic you can think of, and the food and beverage world is no different. Indeed, the rise of the foodie influencer has made people more aware of all the cuisines the world has to offer.

Within the wide food and beverage realm comes the world of sommeliers, who have also taken to social media as a way to educate fellow foodies about how to choose the right wine, what pairings to go for, and the like.

Read on below for a quick roundup of sommelier influencers that are worth a follow.

The Wine Wankers


(Image via @winewankers on Instagram, no changes were made)

Created by friends Drew Lambert and Conrad Grah, their tongue-in-cheek social media accounts are all about demystifying the wine world and making it more accessible to your everyday consumer. Last year, the Wine Wankers led a panel in Orange, New South Wales, where they discussed how wineries can further refine their customer experience. Their no-nonsense approach to enjoying and talking about wine has led to an Instagram following of over 170,000 people, thus proving that the foodie at home trend isn't about to die down any time soon.

Life Through My Wine Glass

Through my wine glass.jpg

(Image via @throughmywineglass on Instagram, no changes were made)

South Africa is home to one of the most dynamic wine industries in recent years, but Reuters reports that the current health crisis has dealt a tough blow to this burgeoning industry. In response, wine enthusiast Elvina Snell-Fortuin worked with her friends in the wine industry to create this Instagram and Twitter persona, aimed at educating people on the merits of South African wine. Her captions are always insightful, with topics ranging from the history of wine to recent developments in bio dynamic agriculture. This account is perfect for those who have a bit of wine knowledge under their sleeve but want to learn more about different cultures, too.

Erwan Heussaf

Erwan Heussaf.jpg (Image via @erwan on Instagram, no changes were made)

Heusaff is best known for his culinary prowess, but he knows a thing or two about wine, too! This Philippine-based foodie influencer is a heavyweight in Manila’s food scene, as he aims to make world-class dining accessible to the masses. He waxes eloquently about the importance of choosing the right Australian wine on his blog, and even got married in New Zealand to drink some of NZ’s finest wines and taste its freshest food as part of the celebration. For Erwan, few food and beverage combinations are as great as a succulent dish paired with its matching wine. He’s not averse to a simple wine and cheese platter either, noting that this is one of the best dishes to whip up at a party.

Lagier Meredith Vineyard

Lagier Meredith.jpg

(Image via @lagiermeredith on Instagram, no changes were made)

This Instagram account is equal parts vineyard updates and nature catalogue. While the account does delve into what it's like to cultivate a vineyard (in Napa Valley, nonetheless), a lot of posts are also dedicated to showcasing snippets of natural life that are part and parcel of working in a small mountain valley. Hawks and squirrels are just some of the animals you'll see on this page! These posts are a perfect reminder of how the best vineyards are intrinsically tied to the environment they operate in, giving consumers a better appreciation of the painstaking work it takes to create a great bottle of wine.


Vintec Club's previous post on the crowned World’s Best Sommelier Arvid Rosengren showcases how sommeliers are now becoming more visible into the global food and beverage scene. These social media accounts are but a handpicked few of the dozens there are out there — happy browsing!