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Wine Myths & Commons Misunderstandings

Vintec Club Concierge Vintec Club Concierge
There are some sayings about wine that are shared so frequently they have entered the realm of unquestioned truths.

You may be surprised that even the most widely accepted facts about the wines in your collection could be commonly shared misconceptions.

MYTH 1 - "An old wine is always better than a young"

If the first thing you do after purchasing a bottle of wine is locking it away in your cellar for years and years, you might be doing more harm than good.

Most modern wines are crafted to be enjoyed young, so you have to be careful not to accidentally place a bottle of wine in your cellar that would drink much better if it were served within a year of purchase.

However, all wines will benefit from correct storage in your climate-controlled wine cabinet – even if you are only keeping them short-term: indeed, Vintec wine cellars are designed to protect your wines from damaging temperatures fluctuations and UV light.

MYTH 2 - "Only cellar wines with natural corks"

Screw-capped wines can age just as well if not better than wines with corks. The quality of corks varies and are prone to cork taint, whereas screwcaps are a much more consistent closure – which doesn't prevent ageing at all.

However, for the romantics among us, uncorking a bottle will remain a special part of the enjoyment of wine.

MYTH 3 - "A bad year means bad wine"

If you hear that weather or other factors have lead to a less than satisfactory production for a certain region, you may decide to steer clear of that vintage altogether.

However, while a vintage rating is useful as a broad indicator, many factors can influence the quality of wine produced.

And without exception, you will always find great wines alongside poor wines in every region in every vintage.

On the bright side, those gems might be cheaper than the standards due to the bad reputation of the vintage.

MYTH 4 - "Serve red wine at room temperature"

While this may be a good rule to follow in Europe, the serving reds at room temperature should absolutely be avoided in the Southern Hemisphere.

Room temperature in Australia is often between 23°C to 30°C; your beloved Burgundy Pinot Noir might taste really flabby and unbalanced, and yet this is a very common mistake.

The ideal serving temperature for red wine is between 14°C & 18°C. These temperatures will enhance the flavours of your wine and allow you to enjoy it at its best.

Our expert tip: set your Vintec wine cabinet at 12°-14°C, the perfect temperature for cellaring all wines, and take your reds out from the cellar 15 minutes before serving them. This way, by the time your guests are swirling their glasses, the wine will be at a perfect serving temperature!