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Reports of Sauvignon Blanc’s demise have been as greatly exaggerated as Mark Twain’s death. Having become New Zealand’s most important wine variety almost two decades ago, naysayers have since been asking if the country is a one-tri...
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Whether it was inspired from a memorable wine weekend getaway, discovering a new bottle at home with...

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Aging With Grace

Erica Landin-Löfving Erica Landin-Löfving

Wine aging is, at first sight, decently easy with big rewards. Buy a bottle, forget about it for a year or five, and get a completely new wine to drink. Some cheapish bottles can turn into memorable sensory experiences with age and the great wines re...

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50 Shades Of Pink

Erica Landin-Löfving Erica Landin-Löfving

Beyond its refreshing and easy-going perception, rosé wines are the most technical winemaking style. Serious rosé wines can provide exceptional personality and character, as well as maturation potential.

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Wine Science

Cheese, wine and bread have a lot in common. They are products developed by humans over thousands of years, often reaching modern levels of quality at the hands of monks, with the support of little helpers that were shrouded in mystery for most of th...

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Wine Science

Sulfites in wine is a topic that can easily lead to heated discussions among wine lovers, especially if half the group favor classic styles and the other half has a penchant for 'natural wine'.

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Wine Science

“Le vin du Diable” - the Devil’s wine. Not what one would expect to call the deliciously elegant bubbly prized all over the world. But this is indeed what champagne was called by many Champenoise in the 1600’s.

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For sheer party feeling, or to impress fellow wine aficionados, you can’t beat magnum bottles. Unless you happen to be serving champagne from a 15-liter Nebuchadnezzar.

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