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Six Facts About Wine Cellaring

Did you know?


Did you know?

1) Contrary to popular belief, quality wines sealed under screw caps also benefit from cellaring and ageing. In addition, they don’t need lay down horizontally for cellaring, whereas wines under cork do (to avoid the cork drying out and shrinking).

2) If you store your wine in an area where temperatures exceed 25°C, your wine can spoil within a matter of weeks. Spoiled fruit flavours will develop and off-odours will appear.

3) Wine Cabinets have little in common with fridges. Wine cabinets do not generate intense cold or fluctuate in temperature and they don’t remove ambient humidity as fridges do. They are designed to replicate the ideal conditions found in the best natural underground wine cellars by controlling humidity, temperature, UV light and ventilation, as well as limiting damaging vibrations.

4) All wines – reds, whites and champagnes – cellar at the same temperature (12-14°C or 54-57°F ). Over 90% of individuals don’t realise this. Cellaring temperature and serving temperature are not the same.

5) Imperceptible vibrations cause your wines to age prematurely by speeding up chemical reactions. Store your wine in a vibration-free area.

6) UV light causes hydrogen sulphide compounds in wine and affects the tannins and the colour of your wine. Avoid leaving your wines exposed to light, sunlight in particular. For champagne, this goes for the bottle once opened for service as well and happens in minutes. A handy fact once you are ready to raid your cellar for a celebratory glass of bubbles!