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INTERVIEW – Stanislas Thiénot, M.D. Champagne Thiénot


In anticipation of our first Vintec Club Private Tasting in Brisbane (on May 14th), around the boutique Champagne Thiénot wines, we interviewed the charismatic Managing Director of the “Maison”.



Last year, the Vintec Club had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Stanislas Thiénot, M.D. of the eponymous boutique Champagne, for a private degustation for our Vintec Club members in Perth. As this month we will be hosting a new exclusive Thiénot tasting for our members in Brisbane, we thought it would be the perfect occasion to tell you more about the man behind the Champagne.

Founded in 1985, Champagne Thiénot is the youngest house in Champagne. We can easily state that Thiénot is a family affair as Alain Thiénot, founder and godfather of the Maison, with the support of his two children Garance (Marketing Manager) and Stanislas (Managing Director) has built this exclusive, global and contemporary wine company.


Did you know? Champagne Thiénot was named the exclusive Champagne at last year’s 85th Oscars ceremony.


VINTEC CLUB: Thiénot has gone from being a local favourite in France to becoming an international boutique brand: what unique attributes make Thiénot stand out?

STANISLAS THIÉNOT: Many attributes all together: the youth of the House, the ratio of grapes coming from our own vineyards (2/3), the fact that it is family-owned and the background my father, the founder. During 20 years from 1968 to 1985, he was the major grapes broker in Champagne: he had an incredible knowledge of the best terroirs of a cru and the best winegrowers in a cru.


V.C.: Champagne Thiénot specialises in handcrafted cuvees: how would you describe the “Cuvée Stanislas”?

S.T: Cuvée Stanislas is a walk through our vineyards in the Côte des Blancs. The 2005 vintage has a rich, creamy, tobacco and chalky nose typical from Cramant (40%), the first palate is like the nose – rich and round – then the wine is increasingly more straight with a very long acidity (Mesnil and Avize).


V.C: Australia ranks in the top five per capita consumption of Champagne in the world: can you explain Australia’s infatuation with Champagne?

S.T: I think Australians have a strong knowledge and know-how in wine. Champagne is a sophisticated wine and we can observe that all the countries having this knowledge have increasingly become over time Champagne lovers (cf. France, Italy, Spain, USA)


V.C: In 2007 the Thiénot Group acquired the majority stake of the CVBG, Bordeaux’s biggest exporter of fine wine: could you please explain this move?

S.T: When Champagne Thiénot started in 1985, we already owned in Bordeaux Château de Ricaud (1980) and one year later my father bought Château Rahoul (1986), so from the beginning we believed in having a Bordeaux and Champagne portfolio.

Since then we have acquired Dourthe in Bordeaux, which is a wonderful concept – the first premium “brand” in Bordeaux: being from Champagne we are very sensitive to this kind of concept and we were very enthusiastic to be part of this adventure.
And finally, CVBG has a very strong position on some export markets where our Champagne activity is not as strong: the idea was to use their knowledge and network to increase our Champagne development in these regions.


V.C: Are you a wine collector? What is your ultimate/favourite Champagne & wine pairing?

S.T: Obviously. My favourite pairing is Oysters and Thiénot NV  .


V.C: Which wines will be presented during our Vintec Club Private Tasting in Brisbane on May 14th?

S.T.: Thiénot Brut Magnum, Cuvée Stanislas 2005, Cuvée Garance 2006, Cuvée Alain Thiénot 2002 and a mystery vintage to be won by one member on the night!


Want to experience Champagne Thiénot? The next Vintec Club Private Tasting welcomes M. Antoine HURAY from the Maison on May 14th 2014, at Customs House in Brisbane. Event details and bookings: HERE


Posted by Thomas Benhamou

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Thomas is the founder of the Vintec Club community for wine lovers. Australian and French, his love for wine stems from travelling between the two wine-making countries. He began collecting wine at age 20 “as an investment”, but soon realized it would only ever be for the pleasure of drinking them!
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