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SPOTLIGHT ON: Bistrot Gavroche, Sydney

By JEAN-MARIE SIMART - New French bistrot in Sydney. Did someone say Vin Jaune?

Last night, my wife and I tried a new Sydney French restaurant:  Bistrot Gavroche, 2-10 Kensington street, Chippendale NSW 2008

Located in Chippendale, the former breweries area, where a series of restaurants buzz with life and a cosmopolite crowd, Bistrot Gavroche is an almost exact replica of “La Brasserie” in Singapore for the travelers who know this city.

Bistrot Gavroche is a postcard from France – very French with all the decorations including an old Solex imported from France. Very warm and cosy.

The menu is of course very French with hearty dishes like oxtail stew, snails, terrines… but what really attracted our eyes and taste buds was a dish rarely seen in Australia (first time for us in 30  years): “Poulet Au Vin Jaune et Morilles” (chicken with “yellow wine” sauce and morels).

This dish is typical of the French Jura region with a creamy sauce finished with a generous dash of “Vin Jaune“.

Vin jaune is a very limited production from Jura: made out of late harvested Savagnin grape and matured in small barrels under a veil of yeast for more than 3 years and the bottling is done at least 6 years after the harvest.

This wine has a unique nutty taste, reminding sherry; it’s very difficult to find due to its very limited quantity and, of course, quite pricey. But we can only say that it is a dish which everybody should have at least once before death.



The famous “Poulet au Vin Jaune & Morilles”


A Côte de Beaune Burgundy Pinot Noir, with its delicious long fruity palate was a perfect pairing with the chicken.

We couldn’t resist to offer ourselves some “Crepe Suzette“, an ethereally light crepe with Grand Marnier sauce, flambée at our table.

And to finish, an amazing Rhum from Mauritius island from the garnished Rhum tray displaying an impressive collection of a dozen of bottles.

Our thoughts: “a highly delicious experience“.

This is a restaurant we can only highly recommend to spend a nice culinary night. Prices are not at the lowest range but the portions are generous. And for the “Poulet au vin jaune“: who cares ?

Impossible to park though, therefore: Uber, bus or taxi are compulsory.

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Need helping choosing the perfect wine to match your French dish?

Ask Bistrot Gavroche’s sommelier, who will be happy to make a selection for you from one of the four Transtherm ‘Prestige’ Ermitage cellars used and trusted by the restaurant. 





Posted by Jean-Marie Simart

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Jean-Marie – aka "JM" – is an Australian born in Paris and long-time wine aficionado. Founder of Vintec Australia, he developed in Australia a wonderful concept he discovered in France: the climate-controlled wine cabinet.
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