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INTERVIEW – H.Villemain, Champagne Brimoncourt

A short interview with the host extraordinaire of our Vintec Club Private Tasting national tour with Champagne Brimoncourt.

First, check out our first Vintec Club tasting with Champagne Brimoncourt in Sydney – a great way to whet your appetite and tease your tastebuds!



VINTEC CLUB: Brimoncourt can be qualified as a newcomer in the world of Champagne, can you give us a quick history of the Maison?

HUGUES VILLEMAIN: Well, it’s true that it’s a kind of crazy bet to start from scratch a new Champagne House, especially in such a competitive market.
Our founder, Alexandre Cornot took over a very old name and bought a huge domain in the heart of Aÿ, Champagne, 8 years ago – and a building which use to be the oldest champagne labels printing house in France.
After 5 years of building our range, we released our first Brut in 2013, and today we are working with the best distributors and chefs around the world (Brasil, USA, EU, Australia).


V.C: You are playing in the same court as some big Champagne brands, what will define Champagne Brimoncourt?

H.V: We have a motto in the Brimoncourt team coming from a famous aeronautics pioneer (PG Latécoère):
« The calculation confirmed the opinion of the specialist. Our idea was unrealistic – there was really only one thing left to do: realize it. »
Our pledge? Offer a high quality champagne, with a high dose of panache, boldness & offbeat style.


V.C: You landed  in the Australian market a bit less than a year ago, what are according to you the particularities of an Aussie wine lover?

H.V: Australia is a fantastically complex and competitive market, due to a huge amount of players already involved and a very strong culture of winemaking.
In regards to Champagne, I would say that Australians tend to focus more on Chardonnay & low dosage wines – and this is the reason they love Brimoncourt!


V.C: You currently propose 4 cuvees; if you were invited to a summer picnic at the beach, which one would you bring?

H.V:  God, a summer picnic on a beautiful beach – this is why I love Australia!
I would focus on our Brut Régence, very refreshing , easy to drink, and super elegant.
It is made of 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot, with a low dosage of 8g of sugar only.
I reckon it’s the perfect combo for sun and light picnic pairings!


V.C: Any millesime/vintage Champagnes on the way?

H.V: I can’t say anything now, but yes that is an option… stay tuned!


V.C: Which wines are being presented during our Vintec Club Private Tasting National Tour with Champagne Brimoncourt in March/April?

H.V: We have been showcasing our 4 cuvées (Brut Régence, Blanc de Blanc, Extra Brut & Brut Rosé), expertly paired with three-course dinners prepared specially for each occasion.

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