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How Important Is A Good Wine Label?

From demure, plain offerings to extravagant, colourful designs to catch the eye, labels can be just as important to some collectors as the vino inside.

From demure, plain offerings where simplicity is the order of the day, to extravagant, colourful designs to catch the eye, wine labels can be just as important to some collectors as the vino inside, especially if it’s a unique print. So just how are wine labels created, and how many good ones are on show in your wine storage cabinet?


The label tells a fable

When purchasing a new bottle of wine, the label will almost certainly be the first thing that you’ll notice. As such, a lot of thought and effort goes into its design, and can often mean the difference between choosing one bottle over another, especially to those less knowledgeable in the art of wine-buying.

According to Forbes, these labels are employed to showcase, in abstract graphic form, a little about the heritage of the winemaker, as well as the vino within, so much so that when we pop open the bottle, we’re drinking precisely what the label conveys – at least that’s the idea.


How important is a wine label to consumers?

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A study carried out by Merrill Research in the USA sought out to uncover just what factors the casual wine buyer takes into consideration when picking a vintage off the shelf, and ranked them accordingly. In first place, predictably, was grape variety. Even the most fleeting of wine drinkers know whether they prefer a red or a white, and will head straight to the relevant section of the store when choosing.

Secondly was price – money affects each of our spending habits, from food to clothes, cars and homewares – and wine is no exception. The geographical region of a vino was the third-most important criteria when it comes to picking a wine, the study found.

Even though the design of a wine label fails to break into that top three, the researchers still found that it was more important than other factors, such as how the bottle was sealed – consumers didn’t seemed to be fussed whether their bottle employed a cork or screwtop, in America at least. We all know that in France and Italy matters are different!

Of course, the label has no bearing to the quality of the wine inside – it’s purely designed to convey a sense of what lies within, so it’s best practice to approach an unfamiliar bottle with an open mind – you never know, you might be a adding a new favourite to your home wine cellar!

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