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Hello Thibaut – meet our man behind the Concierge mailbox

Everyone from budding enthusiasts to connoisseurs naturally have questions as their wine collection evolves. Vintec Club members don’t have far to look for expert help – our dedicated Concierge is on call.

Vintec Club members can and do ask all matter of wine-related queries and Thibaut Caumont – our Concierge in Australia and New Zealand – says this tailor-made service is so much more than another inbox to juggle.

Why does Vintec offer this service and what can customers expect?
We really encourage customers to share their wine journey with us – it’s something that makes Vintec unique in the industry and helps develop personal relationships with our Vintec Club members. We receive around 50 queries per week and answer within 24 hours on questions such as how to serve, when to open a bottle, food pairing and using our cellars.

But you’ve also helped out in arranging a honeymoon – right?
Well, if you want to give a great service and offer something special, you have to be prepared to go the extra mile and create an experience they probably wouldn’t otherwise have had.  We have great contacts within the industry so when I was asked about information on Champagne Houses in France, I was instead able to arrange a private visit to a winery.

What makes a great Vintec Concierge?
Lots of curiosity about wine, creativity and being genuinely customer centric.  Naturally, I don’t know all of our members by name but often I meet people who’ve contacted the Concierge without the Vintec cap on at wine events and it’s great to see the reward of it – they are very appreciative.

What do you enjoy about it?
Sharing my passion for wine with other people – customers come from a range of different backgrounds but when it comes to wine we are like-minded. I love than when we are talking wine, everyone is on the same level and that’s the ultimate goal – to connect people together around wine.

What can we ask you?
Anything you want that’s related to wine.

What can’t we ask you?
For a night out!

Becoming an owner of a Vintec cellar is just the start in storing and serving your wine to perfection and there are many member benefits to Vintec Club members – find them all here!

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The Vintec Club is the private club for owners of Vintec and Transtherm wine cellars, and the ultimate online ressource for wine enthusiasts who wish to learn more about the arts of wine collecting, cellaring and serving.
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