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Give The Gift Of Wine This Xmas

Find inspiration for Xmas presents in your wine cellar. If you are planning to give the gift of wine this Xmas, consider these four tips first.

Before you run head-first into the throng of frenzied Christmas gift grabbers, consider dipping into your wine collection for a little inspiration.

Giving wine as a gift can often be a safer option than trying to remember what size socks your sibling wear or what author your cousin was raving about last month.

Wine is typically a welcome gift, and if you’re passionate about the kind of drops you drink, you’re already on the front foot to make a good impression.

Here are some helpful tips to help you become everybody’s favourite gift-giver this Christmas.


Make it personal



If you aren’t sure of the recipient’s favourite wine, opt instead for making a personal statement with the wine you choose.

If your loved one has a dream vacation destination, track down a bottle from that area. Another option is to choose a vintage from a special year in their life, such as their birth or wedding. 


Consider bulk buying

bulk buy


Wine suppliers often offer package deals in the lead up to Christmas. Knock off a few people’s gifts all at once by purchasing a bulk collection of wine.

If the package deal means you have to present everyone in your family with a matching bottle of wine ensure you are buying something that will age well to make an occasion out of the gift.

It’ll be a special reminder of this year’s Christmas down the track as each family member decides it is time to drink their bottle of the 2013 vintage you generously gifted everyone.


When in doubt, go bubbly



Champagne and sparkling wine are commonly considered celebration beverages, so are welcome at almost every holiday event.

Popping open a bottle of bubbly should help get everyone into a festive mood and it’s often easy to find something fun and suitable for every budget.


Use common sense

common sense

You are most likely already aware which of your friends and family are oenophiles so it pays to tread carefully when deciding which wines to hand out.

For someone who regularly dines on wine cellar worthy drops, you may want to avoid the cheaper bottles on supermarket shelves. However, if the gift recipient often drinks cheap wine by the bottle you can hedge your bets that this person will be satisfied with a reasonably priced varietal.

And remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to find a great bottle of wine. If there is a particular drop you are fond of, consider sharing that with your loved ones, regardless of the expense (or lack thereof!).

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