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Four Fun Uses For Wine Corks

Don't bin your wine corks, these so-called 'useless' items can be put to good use with these four creative uses.


While it may seem like all the fun and enjoyment ends when you finish that last drop of wine, there’s still the cork left – and that can open up a world of projects and entertaining uses!



Social platform Pinterest is an amazing hub of creative cork ideas, from birdhouses entirely made out of the wine stopper to cute party favours for oenophiles.

So don’t leave your corks to sit in the recesses of your wine cellar, store them up and make use of these brilliant ideas.


Crafts with corks

The opportunities are boundless when it comes to creating crafts with corks. You can cut-out corks to create stamps shaped into each letter of the alphabet, make up thread spools, place card holders and wreaths.

You’ll find that corks can make pretty decorations, and with Halloween round the corner and Christmas on its way, you’ll want to save up as many corks as possible.

One idea is to create cork candy canes to hang from your Christmas lights. Simply ensure your corks are completely dried out by laying out in the sun for a few hours and then pull out your red and white paints. Split the batch and paint one red and the other white, let it dry.

Glue each cork together (alternating colours) to curve in a candy cane shape, tie a black ribbon at the top of the cane and hang on your Christmas tree or Christmas lights.


Cork organisers

Keep everything in order at home by putting together an organiser with your corks!

No need to worry about tangled necklaces and lost earrings with a cork jewellery organiser. Just purchase a picture frame that is about A3 (420mmx297mm) and use a glue gun to fill the frame with corks, leave to dry for about a day or two.

Insert the required number of hooks to hold your necklaces and hoop earrings. You can push the pins of your stud earrings to sit in the corks.

One other organiser you can create is a memo board to display messages and pictures. Glue several corks together on a piece of thick card to make a memo board for your office wall and even match it with a pencil cup holder, crafted with the help of a glue gun and a few dozen corks.


Wall art

Channel your inner artist and let out some creative flair by using your corks to create  sculptures and wall art.

It’s up to you what gets displayed in your home, with some ideas including giant alphabet letters, cork chandeliers, animal sculptures, cork balls and picture frames.

If you want to jazz up your wine cabinet then you may want to put together some grape hangers!

Arrange a few corks (about 20-25) together as a grape bunch and glue together, leave to dry for a day.

Paint the corks purple, and leave to dry for a day once again. Glue on some fake green leaves at the top of the grapes, tie a black ribbon and it’s ready for hanging!


Household essentials

Needing to purchase a few household items? Well you may not have to if you have a good amount of corks hanging around home.

You can use your wine stoppers to create a bath or welcome mat, coasters, lampshades, garden herb labels, drawer knobs, garden planters, candles, wine charms and curtain ties.

Even if you only have one cork floating around home, you can use it to make a key float. It involves two very easy steps: put a screw eye into a keychain ring and then screw into a cork. Voila – a key float!

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