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About The Vintec Club

The Vintec Club is the private club for owners of Vintec and Transtherm wine cellars, and the ultimate online ressource for wine enthusiasts who wish to learn more about the arts of wine collecting, cellaring and serving.
Champagne: Behind The Traditions

Champagne is often used to celebrate important occasions but some of them seem a little bizarre, so what’s the story behind them?

Wine Myths And Commons Misunderstandings

There are some sayings about wine that are shared so frequently they have entered the realm of unquestioned truths.

INFOGRAPHIC – How To Become A Wine God

A short visual guide to becoming a wine tasting pro.

Will Gamay be the next star of New-Zealand wine?

Gamay has been grown in France for centuries, but some Kiwi winemakers believe it might be the next big thing in New Zealand. Read up on Gamay and its profile.

Three Exciting New Wine Regions To Explore

Anyone with a passing knowledge of wine can name a famous wine region. Here are three you may not have heard of. Which will you add to your wine collection?

3 Factors Not To Overlook When Starting A Wine Collection

Starting and maintaining a fine wine collection is no easy task. There are countless factors to consider – here are three which you may not have thought about.

Stranger Things: Mystery Microbes Affecting Terroir

You may have heard that ‘terroir’ is all about weather, soil, and winemaking techniques… but what about microbes? Could they be a key “component” of terroir?

Waste not, want not: Keeping wine fresh after opening

Extend the life of your opened wines with these handy preservation tips.

Just Why Do We Collect Wine?

Less than 1% of wines benefit from ageing – so what could possibly explain our infatuation with wine collecting?

Elio Grasso Barolo – Gavarini Chiniera 2011

Wine of the month… It’s all about Nebbiolo

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