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About Mark Baulderstone

Mark Baulderstone began working with Riedel 20 years ago, and has been the Managing Director of Riedel Australia since 2009. His passion lies in educating wine lovers about the benefits of choosing and using the correct glass, and how this can heighten their enjoyment of wine.
The 5 Best Things You Can Do To Wine

Mark Baulderstone, M.D. of Riedel Australia, shares with us his top 5 rituals when it comes to wine enjoyment.

Which Glasses Will Bring Out The Best In My Wine?

Mark Baulderstone, M.D. of Riedel Australia, busts some glassware myths and sheds some light on how to bring out the best in your wine.

My Top 5 Tips for Glassware

Mark Baulderstone, Managing Director of Riedel Australia, shares his top five tips for glassware and service.

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